Research and innovation

Our company in cooperation with Ukrainian and European partners is actively engaged in research in the field of complex processing of industrial waste (red mud, zinc-stannic production waste) in order to (i) apply the achieved results in practice and (ii) commercially introduce the developed and patented technology. This technology provides deep processing of the above mentioned waste by pyrometallurgical method in order to obtain marketable products such as cast iron and foamed silicate - a new product in the world market. The foamed silicate is not a final product. To increase the economic efficiency, the project involves the use of foamed silicate for production of building materials (bricks, building blocks, front panels, insulation materials, cement) with characteristics exceeding those of the rival products currently available on the market. We have our own  well-equipped research laboratory at the factory “Prerada” in a suburb of Podgorica.



In parallel with the research project, LLC “Politropus Alternativeat the end of 2014 started a large-scale project for the construction of a metallurgical plant and associated plant for the production of building materials–on the site of factory “Prerada” in a suburb of Podgorica.


The project includes:

- creation of a modern metallurgical complex for processing industrial waste and iron ore by pyrometallurgical method at the rate of approximately1 million tonnes of red mud per year;

- production of building materials using foamed silicate with capacity of about 25 million of sample bricks per year;

- a set of measures of environmental character, allowing to provide waste-free processing of industrial waste, minimize the negative impact of industrial facilities on the environment by reducing the  content of pollutants in the exhaust gases below the MAC level allowed by the European Union’s laws;

- creating more than 300 new jobs at the plant, the development of related business areas at the regional level (design, construction companies), which has a positive impact on the socio-economic area of Montenegro.

Successful implementation of the project will solve the most important environmental problem in Montenegro - the accumulated industrial waste, and will expand this technology to other regions of Europe and worldwide.

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